Return/Redux, 2009
Running time: 3:05, Original performance: 23 min.
Return/Redux was a reclamation of female power through choreographed movement that was ritual, ceremonial, and disruptive. The performance was layered with my recorded voice as I recited passages from proto-feminist texts written by women including Marija Gimbutas or about female mythological figures such as Pandora. The audio provided a context that was intended to challenge the erasure of women’s voices throughout history, dating back to Greek and Hellenistic mythologies now 500 years old.
Concept and direction: Ginny Sykes
Editing: Jon Drake and Nell Drake
Music and sound editing: Victor Sanders
Narration: Ginny Sykes
Performed at Chicago Feminisms, Past, Present and Future, Oakton Community College, Des Plaines, IL