Collaborations Beyond the Veil
6:00 PM18:00

Collaborations Beyond the Veil

Dryphoto arte contemporanea
via delle Segherie 33a Prato, Italy
Curated by Renata Summo-O’Connell, Artegiro

Collaborations Beyond the Veil consisted of performance and site-specific installation. It is inspired by Mangiacapra’s last written work, io sono un intero—which is, in part, a meditation on wholeness that moves beyond gender, isms, or binaries of us and them. Included in this work are ideas about aging, death, and the situation of women's bodies and conditions of empowerment in the world. The performance by Ginny Sykes (with music by Victor Sanders and vocals by Layne Jackson and Ginny Sykes) was accompanied by an installation of 12 large-scale portraits of women photographed in Sykes’ Chicago studio. Stills from the video Maddalena by the Sea by Luigi Montefoschi was also shown in the gallery.

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Anima + Animus
to May 14

Anima + Animus

The Florence Dance Center
Borgo della Stella, 23/red (Piazza Carmine)
Florence, Italy

Solo exhibition of paintings and works on paper on the subject of balancing the archetypal masculine and feminine energies within human consciousness. Comprising evolving movements, which bend first this way, then that way, toward a gradual rapport.

The opening will include a feminist adaptation of Sleeping Beauty entitled Her Awakening, directed by Ginny Sykes and performed with Florence Dance Center dancers Idi Nazaydin, Lyona Kim and Kyriaki Petrou.  With original music by Victor Sanders.

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