Love and Grief, 2018
Running time: 3:47

Installation and performance at the XIV Land Art Festival, Campiflegrei, Italy.

Love and Grief pays tribute to Teresa Mangiacapra, an artist with whom Sykes collaborated for two years in Naples, Italy. Mangiacapra, who died in 2018, was a sculptor and performance artist, and member of le Nemesiache, a feminist performance collective founded in 1970 by her sister Lina Mangiacapre. The central stones from the site are complemented by large sections of mirror and wood that are embedded in the earth forming a ritual circle of mourning. A ladder soars upward in an infinite reach. Connecting sky to landscape, this work celebrates Mangiacapra’s magnanimous spiritual nature.

Concept: Ginny Sykes
Collaborative partner: Luigi Montefoschi
Camera: Luigi Montefoschi