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La Certezza e Il Dubbio (Certainty is Doubt), 2017

Art Performing Festival Naples, Italy 

As part of an ongoing collaboration with Teresa Mangiacapra, the three part La Certezza e il dubbio (Certainty is Doubt) was included in the second annual Naples Art Performing Festival in July, 2017.

Part One, L’Iniziazione (The Initiation), re-interprets rituals inspired by the frescoes of the Villa of Mysteries at Pompeii to discover consciousness and liberation from the limitations of women's condition. The alchemical initiation transforms all who attend and assist in the rite. 

In Part Two, Maddalena, Pescatrice di anime (Magdalene, fisherwoman of anima), three young women become conscious that they are living in a misleading and illusory condition of love. With Maddalena’s encouragement that testifies to the truth of love, they find the strength to rebel and to follow her lead.

In Part Three, L’Incontro (The Encounter), a woman struggles to connect with her masculine animus. She rebels against the patriarchal ideals that restrict her expression and power. Discovering an untapped power within the wounded self, she encounters a male figure weakened by stereotypes of hyper-masculinity, needing to connect to his feminine anima. In a portrayal reminiscent of the Pieta, he submits to her care.

Concept, direction, and performances by: Ginny Sykes and Teresa Mangiacapra

Collaborative partners and additional performers: Anna Bocchino, Clara Bocchino, Teresa Raiano, Luigi Montefoschi

Camera: Salvatore Marino, Luigi Montefoschi, Aldo Tomassi, Syna LaJuana

Music: Victor Sanders and Layne Jackson

Sykes's costume by Noel Huntzinger

(Video documentation forthcoming)