L’Iniziazione (The Initiation), 2016
Running time: 2:39, Original performance: 19:56.

L’Iniziazione is based on the ancient frescoes at the Villa of Mysteries in Pompeii that depict secret rites of initiation concerning women’s lives and rites of passage. The performance is a contemporary interpretation of the murals that meticulously articulates the murals’ distinct scenes, which express fear, trepidation, torment, courage, surrender, while implying their cyclical nature.

Concept and direction: Ginny Sykes
Camera: Salvatore Marino, Luigi Montefoschi, Aldo Tomassi
Editing: Luigi Montefoschi
Music: Victor Sanders and “Epilog” by Angelite & Moscow Art Trio con Huun-Huur Tu
Shot on location at Fiorillo Arte, Naples, Italy