Bodies of Memory, 2013
Running time: 2:57; Original Production: 52 minutes

Bodies of Memory explores the generational family struggle to heal the trauma of paternal suicide. Three sisters and their mother examine the revelation of this painful secret, a rupturing event that calls authority into question within the family. Betrayal, memory, and desire collide, and simmering conflicts surface. Each person struggles with questions of identity, love, and separation. Society’s constraints and the rules governing their lives are challenged, while a figure from the future suggests a way forward.

Concept and direction: Ginny Sykes
Collaborative partners and performers include: Jeanette Aylward, Elaine Bachman, Bob Beswick, Christina Ernst, Sophie Gray-Gaillard and Enid Smith
Original music: Victor Sanders and Meg Thomas
Projection design: Anna Henson
Wardrobe: Noël Huntzinger
Filmed and edited by: Michael Zarowny, Bret Hamilton, and Ginny Sykes
Premiered at Next Theatre, Noyes Cultural Center, Evanston, IL