Healing Grounds

From exhibition essay for Surface, 2012, Chicago Art Source:

"Sykes’ most powerful works create a dialectic tension between chaos and order, abstraction and representation, and at times between temporal immediacy and fading memories...Memory and the associational poetry of image are never far behind in these abstractions."
- Lanny Silverman, Chief Curator, The Chicago Cultural Center

From exhibition essay for Alchemy and Archetype, 2009, Ogilvie/ Pertl Gallery:

"The gender symbols found within Sykes’ pieces are subtle, yet powerful, and are accessible through several viewpoints, causing the visitor to successfully contemplate rudiments from their own lives. Be them sexuality, creativity, delight, authority, fear and, ultimately, life and death."
-Stephanie Larkin, New City

My art explores archetypal forms from dreams and waking states of consciousness. I cultivate a poetic and visceral aesthetic, drawing on Jung’s theories of creativity and the collective unconscious to bring my interests in alchemy, feminism and modernism together. My work challenges definitions of what is beautiful and ugly and cultivates this dissonance. Vestiges of the body and its gestures suggest recognizable yet ambiguous forms that are baroque in sensibility. I use subtle mark making with aggressively handled surfaces to create interplay between order and disorder. I often work in a serial format to create a cinematic effect that disrupts a single harmonic reading while containing and amplifying these tensions. In mixing abstraction with anthropomorphic form, the images become sites of psychological archeology that can be symbolically excavated.